AC3D 4 kézikönyv

11.1. Hatékonyság tipp
Rendering more polygons takes more time. As a larger number and
more detailed objects are edited, the rendering will take longer.
Here are some tips to help edit larger models more effectively.

  • Switch to wireframe viewing. This can be faster to render.
  • Use object hiding and locking. This reduces the graphics
  • Edit in only one maximised view. This prevents all views
    from being updated every time a change is made.
  • If surfaces can only be viewed from one side (e.g. they are
    outer surfaces of a closed object such as a box), set them
    to single-sided. This is slightly faster to draw.
  • Switch on ‘interactive-wireframe’ in both the Orth and 3d
    menus. This temporarily sets the view to wireframe when
    being panned or zoomed using the mouse. Wireframe
    usually renders faster tha filled polygons.
  • The ‘Feedback’ switch near the bottom of the AC3D window
    controls the realtime-feedback when dragging the mouse to
    resize or move the selection. Switching this setting off
    causes an outline of the selection to be draw, rather than
    the full geometry every time the mouse if dragged. This is
    much faster.
  • Use Object->reduce to reduce the number of
    vertices/polygons in an object.